About us:

We aim to give our customers a comfortable, friendly, and safe journey with our high-end coaches.


You can learn about our company and where it all started. We started our company with a small fleet of coaches in the heart of Milton Keynes. With time, our company began to gain popularity in this city and thus became the most popular coach hire company in Milton Keynes.
We hope to give our customers our best services and more expansion in this city. Back in the time when we started this company, our mission was to be the best, and still, we are working hard to be on the top. Our journey from the past till yet shaped the values of our company, and still, we hope to have more success.

Know about the team:

You can meet with our team, who will arrange transport for you. Our team consists of experienced and trained employees who manage our hiring services efficiently and effectively. We monitor every activity, from booking a coach to tracking your journey with complete attention.
Our managing director works on our business values and standards according to the trends and needs of the world. We have an experienced OPS team with trained drivers who take you to the best places throughout the journey. We also have an IT team that manages our website and takes booking through it. It also helps us track your trip, which aims to keep you safe and secure. Our administrator takes care of schedules, bookings, online tickets and many others.

Be a part of our team:

Check if you can be one of the members of our growing family of coach hire in Milton Keynes.

We always care for your safety and try to provide safe and secure transport, and that’s how we maintain our quality standards.
Safety measures are taken to keep your journey safe and secure. Your trips have been planned under limited speed limits. Our drivers know about the speed limits which are safe to drive. Moreover, our coaches are equipped with a tracking system to keep track of your journey. The aim is to provide you with the safest ride.
Let’s take a look at our coaches. Our coaches are fully equipped and have all safety measures. These coaches have comfortable seats along with seat belts. Also, we always check our coaches for maintenance. All our coaches have suspended care before taking you out for your journeys. That does not end here, as we have built-in CCTV cameras to keep an eye on your journey. This thing will give you peace of mind, and you can fully enjoy your trip.

We always take care of the environment because this is our priority. We always try to reduce pollution by encouraging the usage of buses and coaches except for single use of cars and other vehicles. We aim to enhance the usage of buses and coaches for many people. Because when you choose to travel via coach, it can cause less pollution (per passenger per kilometre) compared with cars or trains. Also, we have high-quality vehicles which cause less pollution, and regular maintenance keeps the coaches running effectively.

Few people want to explore the world but have some disability or cannot walk properly. To solve these problems, we have specially designed coaches in our fleet that are accessible for disabled people. Our coaches have a unique lift system so the disabled and wheelchair users can get access quickly.
So, if you want our coach, please let us know because we aim to give entirely comfortable and easily accessible coach journeys to wheelchair users and other passengers. All you need is to tell us before time if you have any disabled person, so we will notify you when we will be available.

Terms and conditions:

We will provide a quotation based on direct routes; however, if you want a specified path, you need to mention it in your booking. Once you get an official quote, you will contact a deposit payment to confirm the booking. After depositing the booking amount, you will get a confirmation message from our website. Once you get the confirmation message and your booking details, you can confirm or alter anything from your quotes.

We provide coach hire services at economical prices. There are no extra hidden charges that apply to your ride. Your quotation has all basic costs, and no further expenses are included in your quote.
You must make all the payments 14 days (about two weeks) before your departure date.
We accept bank transfers, credit or debit cards, and cheque payments. If you are paying by cheque, we must get the full deposit before the day of departure.

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Cancellation of booking:

There are a few conditions when you cancel your booking by yourself. You will only deposit if you cancel your booking 14 days (about two weeks) before. If you cancel your booking in more than 48 hours (about two days) but less than 14 days (roughly two weeks), you will have to pay 50% of the booking cost. However, if you cancel your booking within 48 hours (about two days), you will have to pay for the booking payment.

  • If we cancel your booking due to any emergency or by an act of God, we will return the money you have paid for the booking.
  • It would help if you carried the correct currency of the country you will visit and your valid passport visas for those countries.
  • We are responsible for all acts of our employees. We also consider ourselves accountable for all these terms and conditions. We also carry full indemnity cover for the death or injury of a passenger due to the hire.
  • If you have any complaints regarding our services, drivers, or employees, feel free to contact us via our website.

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